zondag 9 januari 2011


Recently I have just been obsessed with anything animalistic, especially jewellery. My favorite rings:

Gold fish ring: Topshop
Double eagle ring: ASOS
Silver claw ring: fashionology.nl
Gold rhino ring: The Urban Apparel
Purple peacock ring: New Look
Triple gold dragon ring: ASOS
Coral butterfly ring: Topshop
Unicorn ring: Topshop
Frog ring: Topshop
Triple silver snake ring: Urban Outfitters
Gold teeth ring: ASOS
Tiger head ring: The Urban Apparel

Pink butterfly ring: Forever 21
Triple panther ring: River Island
Gold bull ring: River Island
Snake ring: River Island
Silver rabbit ring: Forever 21
Bunny ear ring: Topshop
Dark bird ring: Forever 21
Twisted tail fox ring: River Island
Blue butterfly ring: Forever 21

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