vrijdag 11 maart 2011

I love... Pamela Love

images via fashiontoast.com

Above some images of the Pamela Love presentation in New York two weeks ago. I just love all her designs, they are a complete new take on jewelry, with many alien and animalistic influences. Unfortunately, for us common folks her items are sort of kinda a bit really expensive (prices are usually between $100 and $1000) and luckily in my constant internet-shop-browsing I came across some really nice, cheaper alternatives. Seeeee below, original Pamela Love designs on the left, others on the right. 

                              Snake earrings via ASOS

                         Wooden cross necklace via fashionology


Bird skull ring via etsy

Spike earring via ASOS

                        Dragon ring via ASOS

Skull necklace via By1Oak

Claw ring via fashionology

Bird skull necklace via fashionology

Hope it was helpful!

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